Saturday 17th February 2018
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Rob Smith has always been an owner of exotic pets and knows the pain of a lost pet all too well. A background in the sciences has helped him foster an understanding of DNA and its applications in forensic investigations involving missing pets. Trained as a MAR (Missing Animal Response) Technician as well as in the art of animal tracking, he has had success using a very intuitive approach to recovering lost animals spanning the spectrum from hamsters and snakes to dogs and cats. He strives to neutralize the pain of losing a pet by finding it when it’s been lost.

Annalisa Berns, owner of Pet Search and Rescue, dreamed of working with animals from a young age. She found her life’s work when she read Kat Albrecht’s book, “The Lost Pet Chronicles.” She is passionate about educating people about how to bring their lost pets home. Annalisa works a team of three Search Dogs, including Lilly, Rainbow and Peri. She trains with K-9 Search and Rescue, expert dog trainers and volunteer K-9 Sheriff Search and Rescue. She focuses her studies on animal tracks, lost pet behavior, crime scene investigation, search management techniques and advanced urban trailing. She has completed the President’s DNA Initiative and received a certificate of completion in “Crime Scene and DNA Basics for Forensic Analysts.”