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HFLP was honored to participate in the search for Mia, a Yorker mix.  She escaped by getting out of her collar on a Tuesday... [more]

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to frequently check in person AND online with your surrounding local shelters... [more]

If you have a lost pet, it is important to reach out to your neighbors. The first priority is to actually speak to every... [more]

A Cat’s Personality Type Influences its Travel Distance

The temperament of a cat influences its actions. Understanding how a cat behaves when in its usual... [more]

Scent Luring To Retrieve Cats

Many experts recommend that if your cat is lost that you spread cat litter, cat feces, or scent articles of the cat owner... [more]

7 Reasons Your Outdoor Cat Is Missing

Outdoor access cats are those that live primarily indoors but are given time outside. The time outside can vary but usually... [more]

Where Do Lost Cats Go?

We often wonder where our lost cat goes. Cats, due to their size, curiosity, and flexibility, can end up in many places, some... [more]

Lost Cats – Collars, Tags, and Tatoos

There are a number of methods that cat owners can use to identify their beloved pets, from collars and harnesses with engraved... [more]

 If You’re Looking For Animals – Check The Time

We’re all familiar with the change of seasons and the animal activity that comes with it. Bears are known to become voracious... [more]

 How Long Can A Scent Trail Survive?

A common question often posed to Pet Detectives is “If my pet has been missing for a day-month-year can a search dog still... [more]


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