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Pet Loss Grief

There are many aspects to dealing with the loss of a pet. Let’s examine Ambiguous Loss, Disenfranchised Grief along with... [more]

 How Media Messages Influence Our Behavior

The barrage of messages that enter our minds through TV ads, billboard advertising, and other places make their way into our... [more]

Looking For A New Puppy? Avoid Being Scammed – Here’s How

Recently, my friend’s Boxer died. This wasn’t a death of old age as this dog was less than 2 years old. Sadie was a lovable... [more]

What is Meant by the Probability of Detection?

Probability of detection (POD) is the chance that the missing animal could be detected by searchers if it was indeed within... [more]

 Lost Pet Posters & Inattentional Blindness

 In the past week how many letter-size papers have you seen stapled to telephone poles that read “Lost Dog” or “Lost Cat?”... [more]

Trailing Dogs 101

Trailing dogs are trained to track the scent trail of lost dogs. In their training they are often cross-trained to track the... [more]

 Trapping Techniques Part 4

What areas of my area is my cat hiding? The favorite place for a hiding cat is an area with no other animals, but with access... [more]

 Beware Of The Great Horned Owl

I’m often asked about predators when a cat has disappeared for an extended period of time. People in wooded urban or suburban... [more]

 Problems Created by Dog Owners & Rescuers

Despite our great intentions to find our lost pets, sometimes we, as owners and rescuers, get in our own way and make matters... [more]

Several Surefire Methods For Finding Your Lost Snake

I’ve yet to meet a snake owner, especially those that own constrictors, who haven’t had to go searching their homes or yards... [more]


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