Mia's Return Home!

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HFLP was honored to participate in the search for Mia, a Yorker mix.  She escaped by getting out of her collar on a Tuesday and was recovered very early Sunday morning after having traveled more than 1.5 miles through various types of terrain and crossing several busy highways.
Mia is a shy dog and is not one to approach strangers.  If anyone tries to approach her, she quickly runs away.  Her owner, Denise, is the only person that has earned Mia’s trust and is the only person that Mia will come to when called.
Denise did everything she possibly could to retrieve her dog.  She put up very detailed posters, performed exhaustive ground searches, and recruited others to help her.  Mia was last seen in a dense forest behind a home in a suburban neighborhood.  When rescuers tried to approach, Mia retreated deeper into the woods.  The decision was then made to stop trying to chase her down and let her come back when she was ready.
Denise and her daughter spent a chilly Saturday night outside looking for Mia.  They left the search area (Denise left her car behind) briefly at 4:30 AM and returned at 5:15.  That is when they spotted Mia waiting in the street by the driver’s side of Denise’s car!
Congratulations on the happy ending and thank you to all who participated in the search!

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